Thursday, March 22, 2018

How To Generate Multiples Users and Creating Paper Voucher On Mikrotik User Manager ( HotSpot).

In this tutorial am going to show how to generate Multiple user and Voucher on mikrotik User manager..
Like I said in my previous post, about how to configure Mikrotik hotspot data limit with prepaid billing system,what will make you to think of issuing out vouchers might be that your running a cyber cafĂ©, restaurant, hotel or any global business that you might want to establish a network that will have data package with prepaid billing system,shared among your visitors this is absolutely an ideal concept. 
But I will tell you, that you can achieve this by using the MikroTik Hotspot Server with MikroTik User Manager Radius Server, yes you could do, but in this post am going to show you a different way that is pretty simply and cool for your to generate paper vouchers in user manager..

So my main aim is to generate users in batches and vouchers at the same time.
Normally in user manager you create users by adding them one after the other but here am going to show you how to generate multiple users.

So we login into our user manager.

Click on >>> add.

Click on >>> batch.

A new window will appear... so here is were we are going to do our configurations.

First we will put the number of users you want to generate.

On the username you could put Hotspot.

Set the user name length.

set the password length.

Set the profile may be >>>bronze .

Click on >>>>>Add

So then close the window and now you will see all the users you have created.
So let say you want to generate vouchers that if someone walks into the place you can can easily give them a paper voucher to login and browse the internet.

So all you need to do at this time is to tick on the users you have generated and on the upper menu...

Click on >>>>> generate  on the drop down icon select >>>>Voucher.

And then set it to break after each page from the drop down menu.
Finally click on generate.

So all you could now is to cutoff the vouchers and distribute to your users.

So this is how you go about creating multiple user and voucher on mikrotik user manager.

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  1. With this tutorial i have gotten to how to generate Multiple user and Voucher on mikrotik User manager. And importance of multiple user and voucher mikrotik. Thanks for this